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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS - Small files - Performance

2009/11/30 Leonardo D'Angelo Gonçalves <leonardodg2084 gmail com>:
> Hi
> I have a GFS cluster on RHEL4.8 which one filesystem (10G) with  various
> directories and sub-directories and small files about 5Kb. When I run the
> command "du-sh" in the directory it generates about 1500 IOPS on the disks,
> for GFS it takes time about 5 minutes and 2 second for ext3 filesyem. Could
> someone help me with this problem. follows below the output of gfs_tool
> Why for GFS it takes 5 minutes and ext3 2 seconds ? Is there any relation ?

Try setting statfs_fast to '1'. This should speed up commands like 'df'.

gfs_tool settune <mount> statfs_fast 1

Do note that when you resize your filesystem you have to turn it back
off, and then back on again to update the size of your filesystem.

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