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Re: [Linux-cluster] redhat cluster and resource agent

Thanks for helping me.
now the configuration seems ok;
but I have another problem, I'll open a new thred


Rafael Micó Miranda wrote:
Hi Gilberto,

What you need to specify where to run each service is the Failover
Domain of each service.

Some info:


You have 4 different services, so I would use 2 or 4 different Failover
Domains to achieve your objective, depending on the availability of
running each of your services in your cluster nodes.

First you will need to define de Failover Domains:

Failover Domain X
Restricted domain: yes
Ordered: yes
Node A - Priority 1
Node B - Priority 2

And so on.

Then you'll need to set the Failover Domain for each of the services,
for example:
Service 1 -> FailoverDomain1
Service 2 -> FailoverDomain2
Service 3 -> FailoverDomain3
Service 4 -> FailoverDomain4

This can be all done with system-config-cluster, but using a resource
made by yourself into cluster.conf will give you some errors.

It should be similar to this:

		<failoverdomain name="failoverdomain1" ordered="1"
restricted="1"><failoverdomainnode name="ulises"
priority="1"/><failoverdomainnode name="aquiles"
		<failoverdomain name="failoverdomain2" ordered="1"
restricted="1"><failoverdomainnode name="caligula"
priority="1"/><failoverdomainnode name="ulises"
[I think you need your definition of your myapp resources here]
	<myapp name="res11" myapp_home="/opt/myapp_11" shutdown_wait="0"/>
[...and so on]
[and then start the definition of your services]
	<service autostart="0" exclusive="0" name="srv11">
             <myapp ref="res11"/>
[... and so on]

Another question is: is your script usable by CMAN?

I hope this helps. Cheers,


El lun, 07-12-2009 a las 18:41 +0100, gilberto migliavacca escribió:

I'm a newbie in the red hat cluster configuration and
I don't know if this is the right mailing list for my

I have to use my own resource agent script and I have
to say to the cluster that the related service must be
run just on single server.

I other words I want to drive 2 nodes with 4 instances
of the same application (2 instances per node).

the infostructure is somehting like:


My idea is to create 4 services in the /etc/cluster/cluster.conf
but I don't know how to related the service with a
given machine and a related path on the given machine

for my understanding I think I cannot use the Conga GUI (neither
the system-config-cluster) and I have to edit manually the

could anyone help to write the XML section in the <rm> tag?

something like

     <service autostart="0" exclusive="0" name="srv11">
             <myapp name="res11"
     <service autostart="0" exclusive="0" name="srv12">
             <myapp name="res12"
     <service autostart="0" exclusive="0" name="srv21">
             <myapp name="res21"
     <service autostart="0" exclusive="0" name="srv22">
             <myapp name="res22"

As you can see I don't know how to specify the node

thanks in advance


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