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Re: [Linux-cluster] Quorum disk over RAID software device


What ou have to take care about is the following.

Imagine your SAN admin modifies the wrong zoning while doing his job,
making the qdisk (both legs) unavailable for your nodes, and at this
time you have one node off because of maintenance operation, your
whole cluster would go down.


2009/12/16 Rafael Micó Miranda <rmicmirregs gmail com>:
> Hi Kaloyan
> El mié, 16-12-2009 a las 13:41 +0200, Kaloyan Kovachev escribió:
>> About the 6 node cluster - do you really need to have it operational with just
>> a single node? If this is not mandatory it might be better to use different
>> votes for the nodes to break the tie instead of mirrored qdisk (one more place
>> for split brain) ... like 3 nodes with 2 votes and the others with 3 votes or
>> a combination with non mirrored qdisk (with 4 votes)
>> >
> Well, this is a thing I have to think about. Maybe only one node cannot
> give the full service due to load and performance reasons, but I think
> the Qdisk is a must in the service for availability reasons. I'll take
> note on your recommendation and maybe i change the votes to make the
> minimal number of nodes higher, possibly 2.
> Thanks!
> Rafael
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> Rafael Micó Miranda
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