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Re: [Linux-cluster] conga issue?

I personnaly gave up trying to use it, as it is very slow

Particularly the storage tab is completely unusable if you have
mutipath devices or more than a few disks.

There was something about the /etc/hosts entries that was supposed to
resolve the overall slowlyness (I can't find back the thread it was
about) but it didn't have any kind of effects in my setup.


2009/12/17 Paras pradhan <pradhanparas gmail com>:
> I am trying to configure a cluster using conga in RH5.4. Luci version is
> 0.12.2-6.el5_4.1. It is responding really really slow. When I log on inside
> the congo and click the tabs, it takes ages to show me the page/link that I
> want to. Sometimes it reports it is unable to communicate with cluster
> nodes. What might be this issue?
> Thanks
> Paras.
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