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Re: [Linux-cluster] openais on RHEL 5.4 and broadcast?

On Mon, 2009-12-21 at 08:25 +0000, Christine Caulfield wrote:

> If you're using cman you need to tell cman to enable broadcast (because 
> it affects its internals too). So the correct key is
> <cman broadcast="yes"/>

I've put it in both token and cman sections of XML file, but still no
progress. Aisexec is started with multicast address again - for some
reason. I've tried with forcing -4 option to ccsd
(via /etc/sysconfig/cman variable), but again that does not help. Idea
for that came from ccsd(8) which says:

-4     Use IPv4 for inter-node communication.  By default, IPv6 is
tried, then IPv4.

If  you  are  using IPv4, the default action is to use broadcast.
Specifying this option will cause multicast to be used in that

I guess I'll take a look at the source.

Thank you for your assistance.

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