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Re: [Linux-cluster] Configuration Between Real Servers and GFS Cluster

Diamond Li wrote:
thanks for your reply. I am trying to understand what you mean. for
instance, I have 6 clients and 3 GFS servers, they are divided into 3
different groups
    client1            GFS server1

    client3            GFS server2

    client 5           GFS server3

So my question is how to balance the workload between these 3 GFS
servers since they are hosting identical data?

By the diagram above, you're already load balancing it. Have clients 1,2 mount off server1's floating IP, clients 3,4 off server2, clients 5,6 off server3. If one of the servers fails it's IP fails over to one of the surviving servers, and you'll get 4 clients on one server and 2 on the other.

Note, however, that if different clients are accessing files in the same directories, you'll get lock contention and locks will end up bouncing between the servers, which will seriously hurt performance.


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