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Re: [Linux-cluster] can not mount GFS, "no such device"

Diamond Li wrote:
after I use mkfs.gfs2, it works. However, I did not see any document
to mention this command,  always gfs_mkfs.

I'm not sure what you're doing differntly (you omitted the FS creation command in your previous email), but this works just fine for me:

gfs_mkfs -j 2 -p lock_dlm -t test:root /dev/hdb
mount /mnt/gfs

The fstab line is:
/dev/hdb   /mnt/gfs   gfs   defaults,noatime,nodiratime   0 0

Just tested it on a scratch VM.

I'm assuming you have your cluster.conf configured right and the cman service (which provides fenced, groupd, etc.) has started without any errors? Again, you haven't posted your cluster.conf so it's impossible to tell.

You also haven't specified whether your intention is to use gfs or gfs2. They are not the same.

in my humble opnion, redhat has a log way to provide real enterprise
solution, both from software quality and documentation.

There doesn't seem to be enough in this thread to persuade me that the cause of problems isn't user error. :)


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