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Re: [Linux-cluster] can not mount GFS, "no such device"

Ian Hayes wrote:

I had a similar problem in my Redhat Clustering and Storage Management class the other week. I believe the problem was with a couple of mistakes I made while playing around in one of the labs. I know once it was because I was trying to mount the block device instead of the logical volume.

I'm assuming you mean that you were mkfs-ing one and then trying to mount the other. I'm vehemently against putting everything on lvm just for the sake of it, but I've never had a problem with mkfs-ing or mount-ing either, as long as it's consistent. I tend not to partition iSCSI and DRBD volumes, so I know that working direct with the whole block device works just fine.

    in my humble opnion, redhat has a log way to provide real enterprise
    solution, both from software quality and documentation.

    There doesn't seem to be enough in this thread to persuade me that
    the cause of problems isn't user error. :)

IIRC, gfs2 is still under development and considered experimental. There's tons of documentation for production-quality GFS and I imagine once gfs2 gets more mainlined, this will be the case also.

Don't quite me on this, but I'm pretty sure GFS2 is deemed stable as of RHEL 5.4 (or was it 5.3?). Having said that, I haven't yet deployed any GFS2 volumes in production, and don't plan on doing so imminently, so draw whatever conclusions you see fit from that. ;)


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