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Re: [Linux-cluster] FailOver Domains not working properly

Juan Ramon Martin Blanco wrote:

On Tue, Feb 3, 2009 at 7:31 PM, Marcos David <marcos david efacec pt> wrote:
I have a 4 node cluster using RHEL 5.3.

I have 4 services which I want to spread trough the servers so I can
have some load-balancing.
Each server should run one of the services when they are enabled, but
what is happening is that the services always start on the node from
which I enabled them.

My configuration is this:

FailOverDomain1 -> includes node1 only, unrestricted, unordered
FailOverDomain2 -> includes node2 only, unrestricted, unordered
FailOverDomain3 -> includes node3 only, unrestricted, unordered
FailOverDomain4 -> includes node4 only, unrestricted, unordered
Hi Marcos,

>From the Red Hat documentation:

A failover domain is a named subset of cluster members that are eligible to run a cluster service in the event of a system failure. A failover domain can have the following characteristics:

  • Unrestricted — Allows you to specify that a subset of members are preferred, but that a cluster service assigned to this domain can run on any available member.

  • Restricted — Allows you to restrict the members that can run a particular cluster service. If none of the members in a restricted failover domain are available, the cluster service cannot be started (either manually or by the cluster software).

  • Unordered — When a cluster service is assigned to an unordered failover domain, the member on which the cluster service runs is chosen from the available failover domain members with no priority ordering.

  • Ordered — Allows you to specify a preference order among the members of a failover domain. The member at the top of the list is the most preferred, followed by the second member in the list, and so on.

By default, failover domains are unrestricted and unordered.

Configure them as restricted




service1 is allocated to FailOverDomain1
service2 is allocated to FailOverDomain2
service3 is allocated to FailOverDomain3
service4 is allocated to FailOverDomain4

when I execute:
clusvcadm -e service1
clusvcadm -e service2
clusvcadm -e service3
clusvcadm -e service4

all the services start on the same node (the one where I executed the
above commands)

Shouldn't they start on the node in their respective failover domain?
Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for the help.

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I based my configuration on the redhat documention:

Preferred node or preferred member:
This is a notion which is no longer present in rgmanager. In older versions, the preferred node was the member designated to run a given service if the member is online. In most cases, it was used with the "Relocate on Preferred Node Boot" service option (as it was generally thought to be useless without!). In newer rgmanagers, we can emulate this behavior by specifying an unordered, unrestricted failover domain of exactly one member. There is no equivalent to the "Relocate on Preferred Node Boot" option in Cluster Manager 1.0.x.

So it was supposed to work.
Or is the restricted option necessary in my case?

Marcos David

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