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Re: [Linux-cluster] Moving clvm filesystem to lvm

----- "Danny Wall" <Danny Wall health-first org> wrote:

> I have RHEL 4.3 with RHCS and GFS in two nodes. It is currently
> experiencing problems daily. When I try to ls on the directory, it
> never
> finishes. Usually, it takes a few minutes to give the directory
> listing.
> If I restart the cluster services, it begins working again.
> I am in the process of building a new cluster based on RHEl 5, so I
> would like to move the SAN GFS filesystem to a standalone server to
> stop
> the daily problems. Will I have a problem since the filesystem was
> created for a cluster using clvmd, and I want to move it to LVM2 on a
> RHEL5 standalone server? My understanding is the clvm does not have
> any
> different layout, it just communicates to other nodes, so this should
> not be a problem.

Yes, CLVM and LVM are exactly the same thing. You will need to mark the VG as non-clustered BEFORE removing it from clvmd control though :-)


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