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[Linux-cluster] interdependency between different services possible?

Can I have parent-child relations between different services of a cluster?
Can I have placement policies relations between different services?
It seems this is not covered inside the manuals, at least for rh el 5.2

An example could be if I have:
service 1 with several fs resources on it and a virtual ip
service 2 with an application insisting on the file systems and ip
defined in service1, so that I want service 2 to start on the same
node of service 1 or not at all

I would like to keep the app resource of service 2 separate form the
ones in service 1, for example to be able to stop the app but keeping
the shared file systems and ip still accessible
(if the app is a db I could do a backup of its files disabling service
2, but it applies also for maintenance operations)
In this way I could run a
clusvcadm -d service2
and make what I want on the still mounted filesystems provided by
service1, accessing them with the cluster ip from a client

Any hints on making this or something similar?

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