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RE: [Linux-cluster] R: [Xen-users] Storage questions

We've had good results with the Coraid EtherDrive products.  Fast, inexpensive and extremely simple to use.

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What about iscsi-target?


You could transform a server in something like an ISCSI storage.


I use this solution in my office with a tree nodes cluster.



Francesco Gallo


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I am looking to set up a Xen array of servers and I don't really know how to set up the storage subsystem.

I have been looking for a little while and two options stand out for my setup. The problem is rather simple, I need a pool of servers to access a shared storage ressource.

The first option is the easiest, NFS.

The second option is a little more complex in appearance. I won't be able to have enough budget to buy a SAN so that is out of the question. What I could do is have a storage server with a bunch of disks. I would GNBD (or some other Network Block Driver) coupled with GFS. I am pretty new to these two concepts. I know that GNBD cannot be used alone if I want more then a single server to access the storage space.

What is more interesting with performance in mind ?

Thank you in advance for your input,

Antoine Benkemoun

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