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Re: [Linux-cluster] Clustering File Services

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Hi Ken...

CTDB has a non-official channel for discussion under irc.freenode.net #ctdb
btw, RHCS has a channel under the same server as #linux-cluster

Some developers, advanced and newbie users are there for discussion
this nice thing :)

I'm using redhat cluster-suite and ctdb, with GFS2 and GFS1 without problems...

If you can, go chat there with us.

If you cant, post information about your problem and we try to help.

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Flávio do Carmo Júnior aka waKKu

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2009/2/16 Ken Lupo <lupok saline k12 mi us>:
> For those of you using Clustering and File Services, specifically Samba how
> you're doing it? Are you using CTDB or some other variation or Samba. I've
> been trying to setup CTDB on a clustered gfs2 file system and have been
> running into issues with the exact procedure for getting it running. Any
> help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you,
> Ken
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> Ken Lupo, Saline Area Schools
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