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Re: [Linux-cluster] fencing loop in a 2-node partitioned cluster

Hi Rajeev,

there are several ways to stop the fencing loop:

1. import the third node to the cluster, as a result the quorum votes will great than half total votes .

2. Using qdisk, you can implement the Tie-Breaker IP: use heuristic option to monitor the Gateway. qdisk will also increase the cluster votes, makes the total votes an odd number.



Rajeev P wrote:
I have question regarding a network partition in a 2 node cluster. Consider a 2-node cluster (node1 and node2) setup with a cross-cable for heartbeat and setup to use HP iLO as the fencing mechanism. In the event of network partition (and this case assume that the cross cable was pulled out) one of the node's succeed in fencing the other. The question is, when the fenced node on rebooting would it attempt fence the existing node if it can't communicate with it (since the heartbeat network is still down). For example consider that in the event of n/w partition, node1 fences node2. Would node2 on rebooting (can't communicate with node1) would attempt to fence node1 and form a 1-node cluster. If yes, can this infinite fencing loop be prevented in 2-node with the use of a qdisk which denies quorum to node rebooting? Appreciate any suggestions to prevent this loop. Regards,


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