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Re: [Linux-cluster] Feature Request: gfs_fsck has a yes to all response.

In the message dated: Thu, 26 Feb 2009 11:04:27 EST,
The pithy ruminations from Bob Peterson on 
<Re: [Linux-cluster] Feature Request: gfs_fsck has a yes to all response.> were
=> ----- "Stewart Walters" <spods iinet net au> wrote:
=> | Thanks Bob, but I was sort of hoping for an option of doing "yes to
=> | all" once

How about:

	yes | gfs_fsck

assuming that gfs_fsck reads from the STDIN filehandle, not just from
the tty.

=> | 
=> | Not to worry - Does anyone know what's going on with that weird 'Fix
=> | bitmap for
=> | block' number continually changing when you press the Enter key?

Just guessing here...probably because there are multiple bitmaps that need
fixing...as each on is fixed, the prompt shows the next one.

=> | I suppose this is a weird gfs_fsck display quirk when the response is
=> | not a 'y'
=> | or a 'n'.

Interesting... Given the importance of *fsck, I'd hope that any character that
is no "y" is taken as "n".

=> | 
=> | Regards,
=> | 
=> | Stewart
=> Hi Stewart,
=> An "a" (all) answer to the yes/no questions is certainly easy to do.
=> I've thought about doing it, too, but AFAIK, none of the other fscks
=> allow this response.  I'll ask around and see if anyone objects.

Huh? Under CentOS 5.3:

  man fsck
  Options to different filesystem-specific fsck's are not standardized.  If in doubt,
  please consult the man pages of  the  filesystem-specific  checker.   Although  not
  guaranteed, the following options are supported by most file system checkers:

  -a     Automatically  repair the file system without any questions (use this option


  -y    For some filesystem-specific checkers, the -y option will cause the  fs-spe-
        cific fsck to always attempt to fix any detected filesystem corruption auto-
        matically.  Sometimes an expert may be able to do better  driving  the  fsck
        manually.   Note  that  not  all filesystem-specific checkers implement this
        option.  In particular fsck.minix(8) and fsck.cramfs(8) does not support the
        -y option as of this writing.


In fact, almost every fsck I've known & loved (SunOS, Solaris, HPUX, Linux)
supports "-y".


=> Regards,
=> Bob Peterson
=> Red Hat GFS

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