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Re: [Linux-cluster] cman-2.0.95-1.el5 / question about a problem when launching cman


Thanks for your response Marc. It seems that we are the only ones facing this
problem ... ?
I saw in changelog a fix :
- A dirty node is now prevented from joining the cman cluster.
It could be related to our problem ... because when launching cman
on the second node, the node is labeled as "dirty" ...
So could someone explain which are all the possible causes which
could flagged a node as "dirty" and lead to our problem ?

PS: note that this problem does not happen on RHEL 5.2 with cman 2-0-73-1


I'm having "exactly" the same problem with some clusters (Version: 

Is it so that if you reboot the node that was killed, it will rejoin the 
cluster without being killed? And does it only happen if you start the whole 
cluster from scratch?

I didn't figure out the whole picture behind it but I think it is related to 
IGMP,openais and cman. At least it fells like the same behaviour I'm 

Somehow it seems to be related to the networkswitches and IGMP Version being 
used (I don't have it on all RHEL5 clusters but on the majority running 
RHEl5U2+). I'm still investigating on this issue.

Strange thing.


On Friday 09 January 2009 11:47:02 Alain.Moulle wrote:
> Hi
> Release : cman-2.0.95-1.el5
> (but same problem with 2.0.98)
> I face a problem when launching cman on a two-node cluster :
> 1. Launching cman on node 1 : OK
> 2. When launching cman on node 2, the log on node1 gives :
>     cman killed by node 2 because we rejoined the cluster without a full
> restart
> Any idea ?

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