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Re: [Linux-cluster] Red Hat Cluster Suite and Oracle RAC


2009/1/14  <Harri Paivaniemi tieto com>:
> No,
> you don't need RAC, you can cluster Oracle instances just like any other
> thinkg in the world.


> You can make either an active-passive cluster (another as a spare) or
> an active-active where you spread database instances to both nodes
> and in the case of failure all run on one node. Or anything else.

AFAIK, Active-active _Database_ cluster is meant for  _One_  clustered
instance of database.

Also AFAIK to preserve the Cache coherancy across nodes One does
Require RAC which provides.

Which requires CLVM & GFS/OCFS or VCS or some other clustered filesystem.

This provides load sharing when all the nodes are up and reduced
performance (for the same amuont of load)

Typically used for real 24x7 availability like ATM, Plane/train
reservations backend database.

> You don't even need GFS, OCFS, LVM etc, you can keep things very simple,
> if you want to ;)

Please correct me if I am wrong somewhere above.

Regards and Thanks,


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