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Re: [Linux-cluster] virtualization on top of Red Hat cluster

As long as you are not trying to serve the same shared file system through the same service, like samba for example through multiple vm's for load balancing and/or redundancy, this shouldn't apply.


Geoffrey wrote:
Balagopal Pillai wrote:
It is a good idea to also check out whether there are any issues with running these services in a cluster in an active-active configuration. For example with samba, if you are going to serve the same gfs volume as an smb volume using multiple vm's, then you would need
to use the cluster implementation - http://ctdb.samba.org/

Let me try this again, as I fat fingered the send...

We are not using gfs, does this still apply?


Geoffrey wrote:
We would like to find out if there are other folks attempting to do what we are trying to do. We are having all kinds of problems.

We are trying to set up an 8 node cluster and run a number of virtual machines on top of this cluster. The boxes are running Red Hat 5 and we are using Xen.

Before going into the actual issues we are running into, I thought we should first find out if there are others who are doing this, or attempting to do this.

This includes a separate virtual server for the following services: squid, ldap, mail server, dns, samba, email and a handful of Xservers/application servers.

The specific hardware includes:

8 Dell 19150 nodes w/ rh5.2 xen
Each node has 32GB of ram and 8 cores (xeon 2.66)

EMC San CX-310
2 Brocade 5000 fibre switches

Any feedback from anyone attempting or currently running a similar solution (virtualization on top of cluster) would be greatly appreciated.

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