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Re: [Linux-cluster] Re: changed mount options GFS


Thanks for the workaround. I didn't get bitten by this, but it was close -
I was planning to update some of my clusters in the near future. I think
I'll now wait until this is fixed.


On Tue, 27 Jan 2009 17:34:06 +0100, Marc Grimme <grimme atix de> wrote:
> Gordan,
> we are aware of this bug already. If it is a bug we won't change anything
> and if not we'll detect u3 and then remove the default mountopts 
> noatime,nodiratime.
> In the meantime you can overwrite the defaultmountopts. But yes, this is 
> serious for us.
> Regards Marc.
> On Tuesday 27 January 2009 16:24:31 Gordan Bobic wrote:
>> On Tue, 27 Jan 2009 15:48:42 +0100, denis <denisb+gmane gmail com>
>> > Bob Peterson wrote:
>> >> | It turns out that GFS no longer accepts noatime or noquota?
>> >> | these mountoptions and I could again mount my GFS volume. Which one
>> >> | is
>> >> | now deprecated and why?
>> >>
>> >> This sounds like a bug.  Can you open a bugzilla record for it?
>> >> AFAIK, it was not our intent to remove those mount options.
>> That's potentially quite a serious bug for those of us using GFS for the
>> root fs, as it renders the cluster unbootable. Without being aware of it
>> in
>> advance it could lead to a whole world of pain. Thanks for reporting
>> this,
>> Denis.
>> Gordan
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