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[Linux-cluster] Package Apache and Mysql Problem


i have a little big problem with RH Cluster Suite.

I have 2 cluster nodes with 1 partition to share between the 2 node. There is no SAN.
The node have the same hardware and the same partition.
I have 1 partition with drbd to sycronize the 2 nodes Primary/Primary.

I try in a lot type of configuration of Apache and Mysql package but i have the same problem.
The error is:
Jul  1 18:50:39 nodo1 luci[2581]: Unable to retrieve batch 1072342062 status from nodo2.local:11111: clusvcadm start failed to start Httpd:

nodo1 and nodo2 is the 2 nodes and httpd is the apache service.

Any idea???

I try the configuration in this procedure: http://kbase.redhat.com/faq/docs/DOC-5648 for Mysql but the result is the same.

In attach my cluster.conf and drbd.conf

If we need more tell me please.

Thanks a lot

Andrea Giussani


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?xml version="1.0"?>
<cluster alias="CentOS_Test" config_version="31" name="CentOS_Test">
	<fence_daemon clean_start="0" post_fail_delay="0" post_join_delay="3"/>
		<clusternode name="nodo2.local" nodeid="1" votes="1">
		<clusternode name="nodo1.local" nodeid="2" votes="1">
	<cman expected_votes="1" two_node="1"/>
			<failoverdomain name="Apache" nofailback="1" ordered="1" restricted="1">
				<failoverdomainnode name="nodo2.local" priority="1"/>
				<failoverdomainnode name="nodo1.local" priority="1"/>
			<ip address="" monitor_link="1"/>
			<mysql config_file="/etc/my.cnf" listen_address="," name="mysql" shutdown_wait="0"/>
			<apache config_file="conf/httpd.conf" name="Apache" server_root="/etc/httpd" shutdown_wait="0"/>
			<clusterfs device="/dev/mapper/VG_Gfs-LV_Gfs_httpd" force_unmount="1" fsid="51171" fstype="gfs2" mountpoint="/gfs/httpd" name="gfs_res" self_fence="0"/>
		<service autostart="1" exclusive="1" name="Cluster" recovery="relocate">
			<ip ref=""/>
		<service autostart="1" domain="Apache" exclusive="1" name="httpd" recovery="relocate">
			<clusterfs fstype="gfs" ref="gfs_res"/>
			<ip ref="">
				<apache ref="Apache"/>
		<service autostart="1" domain="Apache" exclusive="1" name="Httpd" recovery="relocate">
			<ip address="" monitor_link="1">
				<script file="/etc/rc.d/init.d/httpd" name="apache"/>
				<clusterfs device="/dev/mapper/VG_Gfs-LV_Gfs_httpd" force_unmount="1" fsid="57441" fstype="gfs2" mountpoint="/gfs/httpd" name="httpd" self_fence="0"/>
		<service autostart="1" exclusive="1" name="gfs_testt" recovery="relocate">
			<clusterfs fstype="gfs" ref="gfs_res"/>
# please have a a look at the example configuration file in
# /usr/share/doc/drbd82/drbd.conf
# DRBD8 HA /etc/drbd.conf configuration file
resource gfs_res {
  protocol C;				# protocol between devices
  startup {
    wfc-timeout 120; 			# wait 2min for other peers
    degr-wfc-timeout 120; 		# wait 2min if peer was already 
    					# down before this node was rebooted
    become-primary-on both;
  net {
    cram-hmac-alg "sha1";		# algo to enable peer authentication
    shared-secret "123456";
    # handle split-brain situations
    after-sb-0pri discard-least-changes;# if no primary auto sync from the 
    					# node that touched more blocks during
                         		# the split brain situation.
    after-sb-1pri discard-secondary;	# if one primary
    after-sb-2pri disconnect;		# if two primaries
    # solve the cases when the outcome
    # of the resync decision is incompatible
    # with the current role assignment in
    # the cluster
    rr-conflict disconnect;		# no automatic resynchronization
    					# simply disconnect
  disk {
    on-io-error detach;			# detach the device from its
    					# backing storage if the driver of 
					# the lower_device reports an error 
					# to DRBD
  syncer {
    rate 100M;
  on nodo1 {
    device    /dev/drbd1;
    disk      /dev/sdb1, /dev/sdb2;
    meta-disk internal;
  on nodo2 {
    device    /dev/drbd1;
    disk      /dev/sdb1; /dev/sdb2;
    meta-disk internal;

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