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Re: [Linux-cluster] OFF TOPIC: cloud computing

On Thu, Jul 2, 2009 at 7:24 PM, ESGLinux <esggrupos gmail com> wrote:
Hi folks, 

First sorry for the off topic but I´m sure you know a lot about the concept cloud computing. 

While I have been learning about clustering (with the help of this list..) I have read about using clusters for cloud computing. 

I´m totally newbie about that concept, so I want to ask you what you have to say about it, is it real? is an abstract concept and it´s not going to be interesting at all?

It is real, have a look at MPI for development of cloud computing (MPI CH as an implementation). Its used for message passing to queue out components of a job to various nodes.  We implemented sorting using this library last year that allocated tasks on a per-core basis across multiple servers.

what do you think?

by the way, any web, book, magazine, article or any thing to profundice in this concept



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