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[Linux-cluster] linux cluster and virtualization - shared xend-config.sxp


The documentation provided via the conga cluster recipe (Add a virtual machine as a clustered service) states that:

1) "Both xen config files [e.g. xend-config-sxp] and VM disk images must be located on shared storage, with identical mount paths for each node"

and then on the next slide states:

2) "Xend must be running on each node, and MUST BE STARTED BEFORE THE CMAN CLUSTER DAEMON"

However, it seems to me that this creates a chicken and egg problem.  In particular if my xend-config.sxp is on a shared storage device (In my case a gfs2 formatted iSCSI disk) then doesn't that imply that I must have cluster services running to mount/access the filesystem.  If that is the case then it is impossible for me to start xend before cman as my xend-config.sxp will not exist until cman starts and I mount my gfs2 partition.

The only other documentation I found for this setup: http://magazine.redhat.com/2007/08/23/automated-failover-and-recovery-of-virtualized-guests-in-advanced-platform/ says absolutely nothing about system service startup order and includes an example of a cluster node reboot.

So, my question is this; is the default ordering of system service startup (cman < xend) workable with virtual machines defined as cluster services?

Thanks -- Aaron

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