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Re: [Linux-cluster] relocating all services

ESGLinux wrote:
2009/7/13 Juan Ramon Martin Blanco <robejrm gmail com>

On Mon, Jul 13, 2009 at 2:47 PM, ESGLinux <esggrupos gmail com> wrote:

Hi all,
is there any way to relocate all the services that a node is running.

I have 2 services apache and mysql using the same VIP. If I try to
relocate first one service and then the second I get the error that the ip
is already used. So I think the problem is because in a moment the services
are running on diferent nodes.

You should have one IP for _each_ service


I suposse it, I´m going to try it and I´ll post my results

You could look at LinuxHA.  It creates a virtual IP (VIP) via aliases
depending on which node is the "master".  The service itself is tied to
this VIP.

We use it to flip MySQL between nodes.  sql1 is normally the master
node.  If it dies, LinuxHA on sql2 notices it, mounts the block device
holding the SQL database, starts MySQL and takes over the VIP.

Note that in this case we use DRBD to keep the mysql storage synced.
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