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Re: [Linux-cluster] EMC vs HP EVA

On Wed, Jul 15, 2009 at 9:00 AM, ESGLinux <esggrupos gmail com> wrote:
Hi folks, 

Finally, I´m decided to by a shared storage to use it for clustering.

I have seen in the web that this two solutions are well considered, so my question is for all of you that have experience with them.

Which in your opinion is best? any web that makes an imparcial comparation between them?

The final solution is for a medium size company, so the price is also a factor.
How many machines are you planning to form the cluster? If you are planning to use 3 machines I recommend you some SAS DAS from IBM or SUN, are much cheaper than EVA or  EMC. Even any of the fiber equivalents of them with a fiber switch can be cheaper than the lasts (in case you are planning to connect more than 3 machines to the cluster).


Thanks for your help, 


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