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Re: [Linux-cluster] EMC vs HP EVA

We have an EMC AX150i here and it works very well, but EMC's policy makes it pretty expensive. We just added 8 720 GB drives to our unit. The drives could be purchased commodity for about $80-120, but to put them into the EMC box we had to purchase "certified" units with the mounting sleds for $500 per. Seemed like a pretty steep markup at the time.

Otherwise, no complaints.


On Jul 15, 2009, at 1:00 AM, ESGLinux wrote:

Hi folks,

Finally, I´m decided to by a shared storage to use it for clustering.

I have seen in the web that this two solutions are well considered, so my question is for all of you that have experience with them.

Which in your opinion is best? any web that makes an imparcial comparation between them?

The final solution is for a medium size company, so the price is also a factor.

Thanks for your help,

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