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Re: [Linux-cluster] EMC vs HP EVA

Hi All, 

First thanks for your answers, 

My budget for buying the share storage is about 10.000 EUR

With this in mind, I want something good enough to make a goog cluster. 

One of the things I want with this is get knowledge about the products used in big implementations. This is the reason I´m thinking on EMC or EVA, ( I don´t know with my budget I can afford this or I´m being a litle ingenious)

by the way anybody has told wich of this  family of products is best. (or if there is something better. I have also seen Dell equallogic)



2009/7/15 Jonathan Buzzard <j buzzard dundee ac uk>

On Wed, 2009-07-15 at 08:00 -0600, Aaron Benner wrote:
> We have an EMC AX150i here and it works very well, but EMC's policy
> makes it pretty expensive.  We just added 8 720 GB drives to our
> unit.  The drives could be purchased commodity for about $80-120, but
> to put them into the EMC box we had to purchase "certified" units with
> the mounting sleds for $500 per.  Seemed like a pretty steep markup at
> the time.

That is par for the course, they all come in platinum sleds whether you
get EMC, HP, IBM etc.

Last time I looked list price for a 1TB SATA drive for an IBM DS5000 was
something like 2000 USD.


Jonathan A. Buzzard                      Tel: +441382-386998
Storage Administrator, College of Life Sciences
University of Dundee, DD1 5EH

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