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Re: [Linux-cluster] Dependencies in resources

    Thanks!  That was very helpful, although I have a couple more questions for the list.  What I am trying to do seems well suited for the existing "depend" and "depend-mode" capability.  Essentially, I'm trying to use this to "group" services.  So, assume I have 3 services: A, B, and C (in my case, A is an IP service, B and C both have an fs and a script resource).  I want B and C to depend on A such that B and C will only start on the node where A is running.  I assume I can do this by:

   <service autostart="1" name="B" recovery="relocate" depend="service:A" depend-mode="hard">
      <fs ... />
      <script .../>

    <service autostart="1" name="C" depend="service:A" depend-mode="hard">
      <fs .../>
      <script .../>

    <service autostart="1" name="A" recovery="relocate">
      <ip ref="xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx"/>

Unfortunately, this didn't work as expected.  If I start A on node 1, services B and C seem perfectly happy to run on any other node.  If a coerce everybody on the same node, and relocate (or disable A), services B and C continue on blissfully ignoring the status of A.  Do I need to write and event handler for this situation (which seems much simpler than the follow-service script)?

Again, thanks in advance!

-- scooter

Moralejo, Alfredo wrote:

Take a look into




Deploying Highly Available SAP Servers using Red Hat Cluster Suite


Gives some example about dependencies on services etc..


A very good document




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Hi all,
    I saw in a message on the net about a depends="service:xxxx" option for services in cluster.conf for 5.3beta.  Did this single-level dependency support make it into the 5.3 release?  It would be really, really useful if it did!  If not, can anyone suggest a way that I can have a multiple services depend on a single IP?

Thanks in advance!

-- scooter

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