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RE: [Linux-cluster] Hardware recommendation

Don't go small.  If you're running 30-60 virtual machines you'll likely
need systems with at least 8 cores at 32GB of RAM, or more depending on
the needs of your virtual hosts.  There's really no way to guess at how
much RAM you'll need without understanding the needs of your virtual
hosts, however.

Dell PowerEdge hardware should work well for this.  We have some old
6950 systems we are now using for Xen.  These appear to have been
replaced by the R905 series, according to Dell's web site.

CPU isn't important.  All modern Intel (Core) and AMD processors work
well with Xen.  To save money I tend to opt for more cores at slower
speeds rather than buy the fastest speed processors available.

What are you using for storage?  If you want node failover you'll likely
want some sort of SAN for central storage.

I also recommend at least two network switches for redundancy, else
you'll regret it the first time you need to reboot a switch without
bringing down your cluster.

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> hi,
> I will be creating a cluster using red hat EL 5.3 consisting of 3
> nodes which will run Xen virtual machines. The first two nodes will
> host around 30 virtual machines ( all paravirt Linux and some Solaris
> if possible) . The third node will be basically a fail over node and
> will host virtual machines if there is a problem at node 1 or node 2.
> I do not know if this is the right way to ask but I need
> recommendation on which CPU to choose (i7, phenom, quad core or dual
> core) and how much RAM do I need on node 1 and node 2 and on also node
> 3. And also which server hardware is recommended for my purpose. My
> test cluster is based on Dell Poweredge 1800 machines with DRAC 4
> (which I am using for fencing) and looks like DELL Poweregde server
> can be a good candidate.
> Any help is highly appreciated.
> Thanks
> Paras.
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