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RE: [Linux-cluster] Snapshot and backups

We've set up things a little differently than you.  Our domU images are
CLVM partitions, e.g. /dev/cvg/guest1, /dev/cvg/guest2, not image files
on a GFS filesystem.

This design will allow us to take advantage of single-host snapshots,
once they are supported.

Bear in mind the ramifications of taking dirty snapshots of a domU host.
At any point in time the domU has unflushed buffers.  If you do snapshot
these you'll likely have to fsck the snapshot filesystem before it is

Many Xen users probably stick with traditional backup solutions--if you
want to know more you may want to ask on the xen-users list.

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> hi,
> I have a shared GFS partition that holds Xen virtual machines (ex:
> /mygfs/guest1.img, /myfgs/guest2.img) . I need to backup my virtual
> machines regularly. I can not do snapshot since clustered snapshots
> are not yet supported. So what is the recommended way to backup my
> virtual machines if someone is using GFS.
> Thanks
> Paras.
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