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Re: [Linux-cluster] Fwd: CLVM exclusive mode

does it look like we're hiting some "undesired feature" ;-)
Concerning the 0 nodeid, I think I read that on some Redhat documents or bugzilla report, I could find it out.

2009/7/30, Christine Caulfield <ccaulfie redhat com>:
On 30/07/09 06:42, Xinwei Hu wrote:
Hi Christine,

  I can always activate the vg via 'vgchange -ay', regardless to the
exclusive activation on other nodes.
The reason is that the do_lock_lv is actually called by
process_remote_command, and then the EX
lock is convert to CR.

  I'm not so convinced this is the desired behavior. Is there any
reason behind this ?

I have no idea. It seems wrong to me too. :S

BTW The zero nodeid shown in the DLM lock dump means "this node", and has nothing to do with qdisk as some people seem to think.


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