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Re: [Linux-cluster] Fwd: CLVM exclusive mode

Hi Rafael,

Good testing, it confirms that some additional barriers are necessary to prevent undesired behaviours.
I'll test by tomorrow the same procedure at VG level.

2009/7/30 Rafael Micó Miranda <rmicmirregs gmail com>
Hi Brem

El jue, 30-07-2009 a las 09:15 +0200, brem belguebli escribió:
> Hi,
> does it look like we're hiting some "undesired feature" ;-)
> Concerning the 0 nodeid, I think I read that on some Redhat documents
> or bugzilla report, I could find it out.
> Brem
I made some test on my lab environment too, i attach the results in the
TXT file.

My conclusions:

1.- lovgols with exclusive flag must be used over clustered volume
groups (obvious and already known)
2.- logvols activated with exclusive flag must be handled EXCLUSIVELY
with the exclusive flag

---> as part of my lvm-cluster.sh resource script, the exclusive flag is
part of the resource definition in cluster.conf so this is correctly

3.- you can activate an already active exclusive logvol on any node if
you dont take into accout, during the activation, the exclusive flag
4.- in use (opened) logvols are protected from deactivation from
secondary nodes, even from main node
5.- after a node failure (hang-up, fencing...) logvol is not open
anymore, so it can be exclusively activated on a new node

All this was tested manually, but this is the expected behaviour on
lvm-cluster.sh resource script.

Link to lvm-cluster.sh resource script:




Rafael Micó Miranda

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