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Re: [Linux-Cluster] Submitting two new resource plugins to the project

On Jun 1, 2009, at 2:17 PM, Rafael Micó Miranda wrote:

This can be fixed with some of the options of LVM, specifically the
"enable exclusively flag". This flag, when used over a cluster-enabled
volume, will allow the VolumeGroup to be imported by all the nodes of
the cluster but the LogicalVolumes into the VolumeGroup can only be
activated by a single node. So, only one node of your cluster will have
the LogicalVolume device (for example /dev/VolGrp01/LogVol01) and the
problem explained above cannot happen. This is not about propagating the "open flag" through the nodes, this is about making the LogicalVolume be
in only one node.

This is different from the current approach. We would likely take this if it is cleaner, better, or more advantageous than the current solution.

Current solution is described here:


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