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[Linux-cluster] F8/F10 fence_xvm Key Errors

I have a VM running Fedora 8 that I want to connect to a cluster that is all Fedora 10 VMs, running on F10 platforms.  The F8 fails a fence test, reporting:
# fence_xvm -H cicero3 -ddd -o null
Debugging threshold is now 3
-- args @ 0x7fffb9fd4870 --
  args->addr =
  args->domain = cicero3
  args->key_file = /etc/cluster/fence_xvm.key
  args->op = 0
  args->hash = 2
  args->auth = 2
  args->port = 1229
  args->family = 2
  args->timeout = 30
  args->retr_time = 20
  args->flags = 0
  args->debug = 3
-- end args --
Reading in key file /etc/cluster/fence_xvm.key into 0x7fffb9fd3820 (4096 len)Actual key length = 4096 bytesSending to via
Sending to via
Waiting for connection from XVM host daemon.

The physical host is reporting:
  [fence_xvmd.c:0691] Key mismatch; dropping packet

It seems odd that it doesn't work since the key was gen'd from /dev/random.  Nothing OS or machine specific about the key.  Something different with the transport?  Any suggestions, before I blindly upgrade from F8 to F10?

-- Doug Bunger
-- dougbunger yahoo com

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