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Re: [Linux-cluster] Xen , Out of memory and dom0-min-mem, dom0_mem

On Mon, Jun 8, 2009 at 8:16 PM, FM<dist-list lexum umontreal ca> wrote:
> Hello
> 2 of 3 of my xen nodes ( dom0) died tonight because of out of memory error.
> These servers are only running Xen and cluster suite packages.
> I googled the error and everything point out to dom0-min-mem and grub
> dom0_mem options
> dom0-min-mem : I left it by default : (dom0-min-mem 256)
> I read about on the internet but still do not understand this parameter and
> if if should be =0 on servers
> any advice ?

This might be more suitable on xen-users lists. Anyway, what does xm
list show? e.g. how much memory does dom0 currently use?

from my experince 256MB (give or take a few) is the bare minimum for
RHEL/Centos5 Xen dom0 with phy:/. If you want to use tap:aio, you need
to add more. If you want to run other services (snmpd, httpd, cluster)
you need to have more. For your usage, my guess is you should start
with at least 1GB for dom0, and monitor its usage.


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