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Re: [Linux-cluster] Redhat Lists Question

Subhendu Ghosh wrote:

Ideally, you want to post the patch to the upstream component.

Thanks for responding. It's mostly an initscript patch that checks if for file systems mounted on tmpfs (e.g. if we put /var/lock, /var/run or similar there to save hitting the disk) and saves and restores subtree structure (if changed) at shutdown and startup. It saves about 100-200 writes on startup/shutdown.

I thought init scripts are pretty distro specific, and since this is mostly an init script patch...

Posting it to the Red Hat Bugzilla under the approriate component would also help.

It's not a bug fix, it's a feature addition.

For RHEL5, the discussion list is:

OK, I'll post there. Thanks.

SSDs typically work under SATA chipsets - so libata

This patch is not that low a level. :)


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