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[Linux-cluster] Re: Guest MIgration w/rgmanager - WAS: Linux-cluster Digest, Vol 62, Issue 21

Quoting Henry Robertson <henry robertson hjrconsulting com>:

On Mon, Jun 22, 2009 at 12:00 PM, <linux-cluster-request redhat com> wrote:


Ah. Does manual migration through virsh work rather than clusvcadm?

virsh migrate --live <guest> qemu+ssh://2nd node/system

Migrates the guest to the other cluster member w/no objections.

If it does -- I'd put rgmanager into some extra logging by editing
/etc/init.d/rgmanager with RGMGR_OPTS="-dddd" under the RGMGRD part.

Added "-dddd" to /etc/sysconfig/rgmanager, restarted rgmanager and verified that rgmanager is running w/the option set. I do not see any increase in logging from the default setting of "-d"?

Then restart rgmanager and check logs for more info after trying clusvcadm
-M again. (add debug to host / target servers and see if you catch anything

Attempted another clusvcadm -M <vm service> -m <2nd cluster node>, and I see nothing in either of the /var/log/cluster/rgmanager.log files. Not even that the operation was attempted?!?

// Thomas

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