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Re: [Linux-cluster] increasing gfs size to add journals on existing file system

On Tue, Jun 30, 2009 at 6:07 PM, Bob Peterson <rpeterso redhat com> wrote:
----- "Brett Cave" <brettcave gmail com> wrote:
Hi Brett,

That issue has always been a design problem with GFS.  You need to
increase the size of the device before doing gfs_jadd.  Don't make
the mistake of running gfs_grow immediately because that will consume
your new storage for file system space and still leave you no room
for any new journals.  Only run gfs_grow after you've added the
journals you need.

Thanks Bob, I have increased the relevant vdisks,  going to rescan the disks and then add the journals. We ran into some instability issues with gfs2 locking up while we were testing a good few months ago, so going to sacrifice bleeding edge for stability as its a production system.

Will keep my eye on gfs2 and see how it runs in our test environment when we get past this phase. 8 months of stable gfs is great :) (we found the older kmod_gfs or cman had a node numbering issue which caused some locking up a while ago, but this has been resolved)

how is gfs2 running on your side?

We eliminated the problem in GFS2, so another option would be to
use gfs2_convert to convert the file system to GFS2 and then use
gfs2_jadd.  Of course, GFS2 and gfs2_convert are still pretty new, so
they carry a certain amount of risk, as with all new software.  Some
old versions of gfs2_convert had bad problems, so if you want to go
this route, make sure you make a current backup before you do anything.
Second, make sure you gfs_fsck before you convert so that your file system
is consistent before running gfs2_convert.  Third, make sure you have the
latest and greatest gfs2_convert, so if you're on RHEL5.3, for example,
make sure you've got all the latest z-stream updates.  If you build from
source, make sure you compile from the most recent source code.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat File Systems

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