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Re: [Linux-cluster] Did you use GFS with witch technology?

On Tue, Jun 30, 2009 at 6:15 PM, Tiago Cruz <tiagocruz forumgdh net> wrote:
Hello, guys.. please... I need to know a little thing:

I'm using GFS v1 with ESX 3.5 and I'm not very happy :)
High load from vms, freeze and quorum lost, for example.

Did you use GFS and witch technology? KVM? Xen? VirtualBox? Not Virtual?
Witch version are you using? v1 or v2?

GFS 1 on CentOS5  2.6.18, but not using virtualization. very happy with the performance. The GFS volumes are on an enterprise FC SAN

had some issues with gfs2 locking up, that was quite a while back though, but didnt have performance issues (and neither do we on gfs1).

Are you a happy people using this? =)


Tiago Cruz <tiagocruz forumgdh net>

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