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Re: [Linux-cluster] erk, cant add journals

----- "Brett Cave" <brettcave gmail com> wrote:
| Can add journals. This is the process I have gone through:
| 1) Allocate additional space to Vdisk (/dev/sdc +5gb)
| 2) /dev/sdc has 1 partition. Delete and re-create it. Now bigger, but
| with unused space
| 3) Restart all servers without cman or gfs services in startup
| 4) all servers now see /dev/sdc1 with the new size
| 5) start up cman, qdiskd and gfs services
| 6) run gfs_jadd
| still getting an error about not enough space. Do I need to run
| another gfs_ util prior to step 6 or 5 above?
| Brett

Hi Brett,

What "error about not enough space" did you get?  The gfs_jadd
function adds more journals, not more space.  If you want more
space, you need to run gfs_grow (with the file system mounted).

It sounds like you are using a raw device (sdc) and not using
clvmd, so any changes made to the file system size will not be
communicated between the nodes in the cluster.  Therefore, if
you did run gfs_grow, you might need to reboot the other nodes
in the cluster so they will see the new file system size as
written out by gfs_grow.  This is something that clvmd would
ordinarily do, but if you're not using that, a reboot would
be needed.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat File Systems

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