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[Linux-cluster] Luci initialisation



When I try to initialise luci using luci_admin init, I am get the following,


[root myservername]# luci_admin init

Initilaizing the Luci server


Creating the ‘admin’ user


Enter password:

Confirm password:


Please wait…

[root myservername]#

At this point I am expecting a lot more information around the password being set and SSL certificates being set.


I continue by restarting the service with service luci restart but get the following


[root myservername]# service luci restart

Shutting down luci:                     [ OK ]


luci’s ‘admin’ password has to be changed before server is allowed to start

To do so, execute (as root):

    luci_admin password


[root myservername]# luci_admin password

The Luci site has not been initialized.

To initialize it, execute

     /usr/sbin/luci_admin init


And hey presto I am back to where I started.


Any ideas if I am missing dependant packages or any other permissions, etc?





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