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[Linux-cluster] Re: 5.3 -- Multiple Apache + clurgmgrd



Message: 9
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2009 13:03:24 +0100
From: Marek Grac <mgrac redhat com>
Subject: Re: [Linux-cluster]
To: linux clustering <linux-cluster redhat com>
Message-ID: <49BE400C 7030703 redhat com>
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Henry Robertson wrote:
> I'm having an issue starting a clustered Apache service in 5.3.
> If I do a basic ip->httpd service, I get an error about a missing PID.
> snippet from cluster.conf
> <service autostart="1" domain="ecom.dev" exclusive="0" name="httpd1"
> recovery="relocate">
>             <ip address="" monitor_link="1">
>                 <apache config_file="conf/httpd.conf" httpd_options=""
> name="httpd1" server_root="/etc/httpd/httpd1" shutdown_wait="0"/>
>             </ip>
> </service>
> Error:
> Mar 15 07:43:25 ag01 clurgmgrd: [18329]: <err> Checking Existence Of
> File /var/run/cluster/apache/apache:httpd1.pid [apache:httpd1] >
> Failed - File Doesn't Exist
> Mar 15 07:43:25 ag01 clurgmgrd: [18329]: <err> Stopping Service
> apache:httpd1 > Failed
> If I go into /etc/cluster/apache/apache:httpd/httpd.conf and uncomment
> the ###Listen <> it works
> fine. It also genereates the proper PID.
> Ideas on what's going on here? I'm pretty sure it's supposed to
> inherit the Listen address from the cluster.conf file, not have it
> commented out.

Apache is looking for IP in cluster.conf but as a sibling, not a parent



Turns out it was from bug

After I patched apache.sh and removed all the old httpd.conf's everything worked fine.

Henry Robertson

HJR Consulting LLC
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