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[Linux-cluster] Re: cannot add journal to gfs

Oh, just ignore this stupid question. I didn't read the man page carefully. This sentence from the man page solves the problem:

"gfs_jadd will not use space that has been formatted for filesystem data even if that space has never been populated with files."

I extended the lvm and then grew the gfs. I should not grow it so that I have space for journals.

Sorry to post questions before checking the problem carefully.

vu pham wrote:
Although my gfs partition has a lot of free space to add two more journal, but gfs_jadd complains of not enough space.

Do I have to run any extra command to make it work ?

[root vm1 gfsdata]# gfs_tool df /mnt/gfsdata
  SB lock proto = "lock_dlm"
  SB lock table = "cluster1:gfs2"
  SB ondisk format = 1309
  SB multihost format = 1401
  Block size = 4096
  Journals = 2
  Resource Groups = 10
  Mounted lock proto = "lock_dlm"
  Mounted lock table = "cluster1:gfs2"
  Mounted host data = "jid=0:id=262146:first=1"
  Journal number = 0
  Lock module flags = 0
  Local flocks = FALSE
  Local caching = FALSE
  Oopses OK = FALSE

  Type           Total          Used           Free           use%
  inodes         6              6              0              100%
  metadata       63             0              63             0%
  data           383867         0              383867         0%

[root vm1 gfsdata]# gfs_jadd -Tv -j 2 /mnt/gfsdata
Requested size (65536 blocks) greater than available space (2 blocks)
[root vm1 gfsdata]#


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