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Re: [Linux-cluster] cannot add journal to gfs

----- "vu pham" <vu sivell com> wrote:
| Although my gfs partition has a lot of free space to add two more 
| journal, but gfs_jadd complains of not enough space.
| Do I have to run any extra command to make it work ?


This is a common complaint about gfs.  Frankly, I'm surprised
that it's not in the FAQ (I should add it).  GFS will only let you
add a journal if you have space on your DEVICE that's not already
dedicated to the file system.  In other words, you have to add
storage to the volume, then do gfs_jadd BEFORE doing gfs_grow.
If you use gfs_grow after adding storage, it will allocate all the
free space to the file system and therefore has no room for any
new journals.

This problem was addressed in GFS2 where the journals are actually
part of the file system.  So in GFS2 you can add journals dynamically.
In GFS, you have to add storage, resize your lv, then gfs_jadd.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat GFS

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