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Re: [Linux-cluster] Problems with cluster (fencing?)

 Mikko Partio wrote:

2009/3/19 <Harri Paivaniemi tieto com <mailto:Harri Paivaniemi tieto com>>

    ""Also, if I shut down both nodes and start just one of them, the
    starting node still waits in the "starting fencing" part many
    minutes even though the cluster should be quorate (there's a quorum

    I had a similar situation and the reason why the first node couldn't
    get up alone was, that cman was starting before qdiskd and so it
    didn't see quorum disk votes and was not quorate at the moment. I
    changed those (boot order) vice-versa and immediately node boots up
    ok and is up'n running...

That does make sense. Do you know if there's a reason for cman to start before qdisk or is it just a bug? Any Red Hat developers looking at this thread?

The section *Limitations* in man page of qdisk(5), in my RHEL 5.2, has :
" * CMAN must be running before the qdisk program can operate in full capacity. If CMAN is not running, qdisk will wait for it."


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