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RE: [Linux-cluster] quorum disk votes

I tried restarting qdiskd and I even tried using luci to remove the node from the cluster and add it back in.

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Hunt, Gary wrote:
> Is there a way to get a cluster node to recognize that the number of
> votes a quorum disk gets has changed?  I added a new node to the cluster
> and updated the cluster.conf to reflect the changes and propagated it.
> In this case I went from 3 total votes and a quorum disk vote of 1 to 5
> total votes and quorum disk votes of 2.
> A cman_tool status showed that the total expected votes went to 5, but
> the quorum device votes stayed at 1.  A reboot of the node fixes this,
> but would like to do this without risking disruption

Have you tried "service qdiskd restart" ?


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