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Re: [Linux-cluster] Fence Device Question


Jon Erickson wrote:

I currently use the fence_mcdata script (with slight mod) to provide
fencing to my DS-4700M switch.

I have two questions:

1.  The username and password are stored plain text within the
cluster.conf file.  Is there a way to make this more secure?
(password script?)

fence_mcdata has:
  -S <path>        Script to run to retrieve login password
2.  fence_mcdata works by making a telnet connection to my switch,
this is also plain text.  I know the switch can support SSH.  Does
anyone have any expirence using SSH to log into a switch to block
ports?  Is there a fence_mcdata_ssh script :).
There is not and I do not have access to this device, but I can rewrite old perl code to our fencing library + python, where ssh will work. But I will need you to test it. Please let me know off-list if you are interested.


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