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[Linux-cluster] help configuring HP ILO

Hello all,

I´m configuring a 2 nodes cluster on 2 servers HP Proliant DL165 G5
This servers have HP ProLiant Lights-Out 100 Remote Management and I want to use it as fencing device.

My first idea was to configure them with IPMI and it works almost fine but I have detected that when I have the network down, the fence devices doesn't work because the nodes can't reach the othe node to fence it.

I have tried with a dedicated switch and a direct cable but it doesn't work and I begin to think I´m doing something wrong because the interface with the ipmi configured doesnt appear on the servers. I´ll try to explain:

I have
eth0: IP1
eth1: IP2
In the bios I have configured ethMng : IP3

eth0: IP4
eth1: IP5
In the bios I have configured ethMng : IP6

with the network up all works fine and I can use fence_node to fence the nodes, and the cluster works fine.

But, if I disconnect IP1, IP2, IP3, IP4 (This simulate a switch fail) I expect the cluster become fencing with IP3 and IP6 but the system doesn't find these IP´s and all the cluster hungs.

Looking the fence devices avaliable with conga I have seen that there is one called:

with this parameters to configure:
Password Script (optional)

All are self explanatory but I don´t know what to put on Hostname (which hostname? the same machine, the other? FQDN.. IP....)

So, I have 2 questions:
If I use IPMI what I´m doing wrong?
If I use HP iLO, what I need to configure???

any idea, manual, doc, suggest.... is welcome

thanks in advance


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