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Re: [Linux-cluster] help configuring HP ILO


Thanks for your answer...

2009/5/5 Ian Hayes <cthulhucalling gmail com>
For hostname you can put the FQDN or IP address...

I believe that you're a bit confused what iLO is capable of.

I absolutelly agree with you ;-)

IP3 and IP6 are for the iLO, the cluster can't use them for networking.

I don't use for networking (I think...) I only want to use it to fence.... (i´m begin to think this is my mistake)
The cluster members need to be able to reach the iLO (IP3 and 6 in this case) from eth0 or eth1.

I think I could reach the iLO from the interfaces ILO (In my configuration ethMng, IP3 and IP6)

In a 2-node cluster, this can be as simple as connecting eth0 or eth1 on one node to the iLO of the other node via crossover cable. The iLO is its own device that exists outside of the operating system.

Here's an example of a cluster that I've built previously that is similar to your setup

eth0 (host1)
eth1 (host1-management)

Host 2
eth0 (host2)
eth1: (host2-management)

All cluster management communication in this cluster is via eth1. I specified host1-management and host2-management as the hostnames in the cluster config to partition off cluster traffic from the interfaces that are actually doing the VIP work. The nodes provide a virtual IP on eth0, and a script service, with the daemon bound to the VIP. For the iLOs and eth1, you could either plug them into a switch on their own non-trunked VLAN, or you can connect eth1 of host1 to the iLO of host 2, and eth1 of host2 to the iLO of host1. Both eth1 and iLOs don't need a gateway since they're on the same subnet.

If I have understand, if I use a dedicated switch, I must to connect IP2, IP3, IP5 and IP6 to the same switche and IP1 and IP4 to the service switch, isn´t it?


To configure the iLO, you just set up the correct IP address, mask and create a username and password that has the appropriate privileges (power). These get put into the cluster.conf file via system-config-cluster or Luci. You would need to create two fence resources. In the above case, I would create a Fence_Host_1 and Fence_Host_2 dence devices, using fence_ilo.

this is ok, is what I have done but with fence_ipmi

Fence_Host_1 would have the IP address of host1's iLO, a valid login and password for that iLO. Host2 is similar, but has the IP address of host2's iLO. Attach Fence_Host_1 to host1 and Fence_Host_2 to host2. This way, the entire cluster knows "to fence host1, I see that I need to use the Fence_Host_1 method. Fence_host_1 uses fence_ilo as its method, target ip address, username foo, password bar. To fence host2, it uses fence_ilo as its method, target address, username foobar, password barfoo". These get passed to the fence_ilo script and it handles the rest. You can play with this my manually running fence_ilo.

I think I have understood

My problem was that I thought I can reach the iLO interfaces  only using the iLO interfaces.

I´ll try this configuration and I will post my results,

thanks for your answer


On Tue, May 5, 2009 at 11:37 AM, ESGLinux <esggrupos gmail com> wrote:
Hello all,

I´m configuring a 2 nodes cluster on 2 servers HP Proliant DL165 G5
This servers have HP ProLiant Lights-Out 100 Remote Management and I want to use it as fencing device.

My first idea was to configure them with IPMI and it works almost fine but I have detected that when I have the network down, the fence devices doesn't work because the nodes can't reach the othe node to fence it.

I have tried with a dedicated switch and a direct cable but it doesn't work and I begin to think I´m doing something wrong because the interface with the ipmi configured doesnt appear on the servers. I´ll try to explain:

I have
eth0: IP1
eth1: IP2
In the bios I have configured ethMng : IP3

eth0: IP4
eth1: IP5
In the bios I have configured ethMng : IP6

with the network up all works fine and I can use fence_node to fence the nodes, and the cluster works fine.

But, if I disconnect IP1, IP2, IP3, IP4 (This simulate a switch fail) I expect the cluster become fencing with IP3 and IP6 but the system doesn't find these IP´s and all the cluster hungs.

Looking the fence devices avaliable with conga I have seen that there is one called:

with this parameters to configure:
Password Script (optional)

All are self explanatory but I don´t know what to put on Hostname (which hostname? the same machine, the other? FQDN.. IP....)

So, I have 2 questions:
If I use IPMI what I´m doing wrong?
If I use HP iLO, what I need to configure???

any idea, manual, doc, suggest.... is welcome

thanks in advance


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