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[Linux-cluster] Heartbeat time outs in rhel4 understanding

I am trying to understand how these timers interact with each other.


In a RHEL4 cluster the heartbeat defaults are;





Meaning a heartbeat message is sent every 5 seconds, if it fails to receive a response it will start a deadnode counter @ 21 seconds. It will also try to send 5 more heartbeat requests. What is the interval of those retries? If none of those requests receive a response. 5 seconds pass.. there is 15 seconds left on the deadnode timer and we try upto 5 times to get a response…. This goes on until we hit the 4th iteration of the hellotimer it tries again upto 5 times and fails… we then hit the 21 second on the deadnode time.. fenced takes over and wham reboot.


Is my understanding of this correct????


Thanks for any help..




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