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Re: [Linux-cluster] lock_gulm


On Wed, 2009-05-06 at 11:37 +0000, remi doubi wrote:
> Hi everyone, i'm trying to work with gfs to create a File System in
> order to be used by the cluster but i got an error when trying to
> mount :
> #gfs_mkfs -p lock_gulm -t cluster-DomU:gfs -j 2 /dev/VolGroup00/test
> This will destroy any data on /dev/VolGroup00/test.
>   It appears to contain a gfs filesystem.
> Are you sure you want to proceed? [y/n] y
> Device:                    /dev/VolGroup00/test
> Blocksize:                 4096
> Filesystem Size:           458692
> Journals:                  2
> Resource Groups:           8
> Locking Protocol:          lock_gulm
> Lock Table:                cluster-DomU:gfs
> Syncing...
> All Done
> #mount /dev/VolGroup00/test /mnt/bob/
> /sbin/mount.gfs: error mounting /dev/mapper/VolGroup00-test
> on /mnt/bob: No such file or directory
> please anyone can help !!
I've no idea what version of gfs you are using, but you almost certainly
want to be using lock_dlm and not lock_gulm. I'm assuming also, or
course, that /mnt/bob does actually exist, is a directory and is
accessible to the mount process,


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